Tuesday, January 29, 2008

bon bons

im craving for food again XD after chatting with mar, i felt like eating so many differents kinds of food. :D HEHEHE.

LIKE for example eating BON BONS.
in case you guys dono whats bon bons:

27} lilian im a very very fat boar x) says:
what the hell is bon bon
maria - SINGAPORE!SINGAPORE!wait for me. says:
is a chocolatey round delicacy

smartass maria. :D

dont the name bon bons sound nice to hear? :) *smirks*

colourful sprinkles bon bons!

my mum brought back lots of scrapbooks(from flood one, which is kinda smelly). The cover wasnt that attractive, but when i looked inside. O.O EY SEH! not bad wo! So colourful! *.* I feel so kiddish, but hey, its creavity.

oh yea! valentine's day is coming! ^^ i feel like giving to everyone in my class. EEE! the excitement! :D hmm, should i consider lollipops? i feel like buying ferrero rocher(sp?) but it costs so expensive la! *i wonder who actually wanted to give ferrero rocher in the fridge to someone as a bday present?* HAHA! NYEH.

damn. have to go study now. mum's nagging me again! till here! ciao.

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