Monday, January 07, 2008

barcelona pple

hey! today in school. it was realllly funny during maths period. me mich mar and well, include vincent then,was discussing about how some pple(their faces) actually suits which country and all. LOL! Funny!

WELL. here are the results. ^^

Azrin looks like a Russian. mmmph!
Maria is from Cambodia. (HAHA! NOT REAL LAH! she doesnt even look like one man)
Michee is from Manila!
Gerard(the guy who sat near miche on the swing)is from Mindanao/Phillipines. LOL
Jaywen is either from Taiwan/Hongkong.
Syuaib is from BOLLYWOOD! (ehseh?i hatebollywood pple! JKJK)
Vinesh is from Kenya. ^^ (HAHA! POKAI!)
Nicholaus is from Barcelona! (HAHA! I still can imagine him selling tomatoes by the roadside)
Vincent is from Hanoi. (Hainan?)
Ms Tay is from China. (china pple are beautiful)

i guess thats all. Anyway.

whos from laos?
whos from Vijayapura?

Thats just the questions and i need the answers! Need more countries yo!

this may be a weird and boring post so yeap. oh yea.

our rk teacher wore pink today. and michee said he look cute in pink. mmm. true. true.

rk teacher: how about u girls? you dont have enough members in your group. wanna join others?
me: no no..we're likdis..
rk teacher: well..ok then..
michee: thanks. and you look cute in pink!
maria: *covering her mouth trying not to laugh*

urgh..need to study maths. and oh, i watch the covenant this afternoon and what can i say? Caleb is so hawt! ^^

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