Friday, January 04, 2008

alive and blogging again! prestohh!

YESS! Finally, and i mean finally i can sign in blogger! URGHH! Blogger can just kill me someday. hmm, didnt update much, cos of my stupid laoyah comp! It suddenly shutdown after 10 mins and restart, damn old thing. but now its fixed for a very beautiful sum of $500! OH SHIT. So expensive. shiz. hmm, probly it rosak cos of my bro's cs game. DELETED. ^^

hais, back from sibu and missing my cousins so much. and of cors someone too. ^^ SIGH. And yes, school started! So many stairs -__-'' but hey,bring on the advantages friend! Wanna go slimmer? HAHAH. Oh yesss,none of the people in our class changed..still look the same, after all its only one month that we're seperated. but many farms are growing on their faces! HAHAHA! And they are ready to be harvested! I have a farm too but my darling fringe covered it. HAHA!

I WANNA MAKE NEW SKIN! but im so malas to make. and i wanna stay at home instead of going to school...and MR B is GONE! OH FREEDOM MAN! BYE BYE MR B! SUCK MY ARSE!

fyi: mr b is mr b. (lol!)

i got a few pics from sibu. actually theres more but same reason, malas to upload.

i tried straightening my hair(temporary one) and of cors my darling cuzzy is the salon girl HAHA

the results: ^^ well, my hair ends are always crooked but now its PERFECT to me LA!

this was taken long time ago..i miss eating this! SHUI GUO PING!

my cousin, guess how old is she, my friend! i think shes so pretty~(but she is so friggin rude) oh and she likes WILLIAM! HAHAHAHAHA! her cuzzin!

BOOOO!!*one miss call song playing now* THIS IS ME LAH! thats not a candle actually, but a christmas candy light! ^^
HAHAHAHA! I cant stop laughing when i see this pic!! O.OY its on the way to sibu, (taken very long time liao) when my cousin, emily, slept beside a stranger and her head was on the ahpek's shoulder by accident! HAHA! STRANGER DUDE! kinda blur~

sigh..i miss my cousins again..i wish i can use my malaysia no to misscall them~its fun to play misscall! haha..esp with someone. *coughs* ahem *coughs* anoder topic plz. my mum din bought anything back at ALLL!!! Nothing from KL nothing from TURKEY! Wait. two necklaces from turkey lo. T.T Nothing for your poor daughter? lol.

i wanna see him again x(

long blog, till here then! Hope i have the mood to make a new skin.

ni jiu xiang tian xi yi yang...:)

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