Friday, December 14, 2007

the beeyootiful laptop

HEYYA! I havent been blogging for like ages. which is such a dread to me, my blog is like my love. anyway, im not back in brunei yet. still in sibu, SO BORING MAN. (not so)

Im using a laptop, well, my cousins one. hee! so nice! My mum let me buy a laptop! xD THAT IS GORGEOUS! VAIO! HAHAHAHAHA! RM 4588! Want me pokai isit? damn. But lets talk about this when i balik from brunei.

quite boring at sibu..but everyday at about 3-5pm, Lilian saw a guy she admires in the bball court outside her popo's hse. and his name is none other than....VINCENT. HAHAHAHA xD its true bah! BUT. Lets change the topic.

i am in love with one japananime movie, KAEDE CHEEK FAIRY/ mirmo zibang!!

SUPER NICE AND THE GUY INSIDE *drools* cute x) and the characters are so cuyutte!

arent the characters cute? okeh, maybe u dont think so but to me chao cute!
yuuki :D oh i call him jie mu she
nam feng! shes very kawaii!

heheheheh that will be my next skin for now, oh yeh, my mum at KL now. going shopping eh? and buying many many stuffs for me! And from turkey too!

i have the most wonderful parents in the world! my results so cha they oso buy stuffs for me. :)

meh heng hor? sibu got flood, u guys know kah? till here.
btw, michee at kl kan? then later what if pong tao my parents? HAHAHAHA!

happy advance merry christmas! since i wont be able to wish you guys that.

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