Sunday, November 25, 2007

tiring days

I AM SO TIRED. T.T Deadly exhausted. Besides having piano remedial classes from 1pm till 6 but its all worth it cause its for my piano exam. SO paiseh when i saw a pri4 or perhaps pri5 girl play the same songs as me, and guess what? she can play BETTER. -___-

and yes, my cousins! AH! xD Its so fun with them here! HAHA! I think they're so funny. :) . EH SEH! Other than that, went shopping and all.

at panas bah, resting first. thats vera and the right side, Angel.

Today we went to kianggeh(sp?) tamu there to buy some veges. We saw an angmoh guy. ;) we call them angmoh gui la, but yea, its better to call angmo. He was wearing this huge shades which totally covers his eyes. For a moment, my cousin, Angel thought he was very OK looking guy. Until, we saw him in yayasan. and he looked..OLDER without shades! AHAHA! Perphaps 30+ OMG! Cos of his wrinkles bah.

Vera anang NOT VAIN ONE! Everytime i take pictures, she surely would avoid me! HAIYA! Shes same age as me :)

And tonite, we went to JERUDONG PARK! xD YEAY! I knoe im childish SO WHAT HUH? I had fun esp at the water log! It slides down from behind, i mean the boat lookalike log. OH damn! FUNNN!!! I wanna go again! I din take pics cos i was too busy having fun and trying out stuffs. T.T But problem is not most of the games are open, some are closed which sucks a lot.

vain; too bored during piano classes

Went home early from Jerudong. T.T Just cos most of my cousins, their feets kena blister bah. SO many LAHKIANG there man! HAHAHA! all wear black t shirts and all. Emo! But some are nice cos they smiled, i mean the girls.

I heard "PHWEEETTT" not to me okay, its to my cousins.

but overall i had fun. x) Hmm, my grandma is forcing me to go back to Sibu. HOW LEH? And they balik on Wed! Cannot celebrate Michee's bday. AIYAH. See first.

Wish me luck for my piano exams!

- i think my cousins are so bad! They say Brunei no cgs! HAHA! Its true. O_OY

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