Thursday, November 22, 2007

lady in pink baichi ah?

I had a delicious dinner just now. :D an all you can eat buffet. OH MY, i love buffets. you can go back many times as you like! I actually wanna take pictures of the food i ate which is so daym yummy, but i was too anxious to eat.

Our table! My parents sit somewhere else. me and my brother sit here. see how many plates are there! Actually, im still not done with my food. Greedy esh.

Im super pissed/mad at one malay girl or lady. she looks like a girl but dresses like a lady. Act your age, bitch! When i passed her, i gave a look at her, then she gave me the "cheap girl" look just cos i was carrying this huge plate of food! I mean like shiz. Anything wrong, da xiao jie? Stupid gbye LADY/GIRL IN PINK! I felt like calling her "EH, LU TENGOK APA NI?" HAHAHA! Sorry, my malay is bad. Learn most of it from, Michee.

"TAMPAR KARANG NI" AHAHAHA! I remembered Michee said that to Tayib.

Lady in pink is like being so racist man. im not, but she is. (well, sometimes i am.) is chinese pple so cheap? And pple, bu hui jiang, jiu bu yao jiang. shiz!

nice? hmm..i wonder if can zoom in. love the brushes so MUCH!

hm. i wanna go check something in blogskins now.^^ Oh, my cousins coming tmr. Lets see if they changed and if they are vain cos i wanna take pics with them. HAHA! I miss William the most! Lilian and William ryhme?


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