Friday, November 16, 2007

its just normal life with weird happenings

YES! FINALLY i can blog! :D now i will be blogging at here from now on. sigh~

anyway, i got my malay 1 paper back! And i am so PISSED! Cos i just need one more mark for BM to get position! Instead, im unplaced. :( I actually told my dad about it. He looks mad at first. then after i told him that, "only 15 pple get position" he cooled off. :) my mum. man, her face was steaming but she's okay now. :] but still,i wish i get position.

i still remember when mr tiong is checking the report books and our personal details to be entered to our report books, we kept on laughing at pple photos(the one in the report books) some are just so damn funny. one of them looks like a guy. okok. no offense mah. its justa round head.

I HATE scales! The one in piano thingo! i dont even knoe how to play and my piano exams are coming nearer! i can play the songs well ;), prasan eh~its just the damn scales i cant play! speaking of piano. i am so horrified that i actually picked up "something" in the piano. its was actually likdis.

me: *saw something brownish inside the piano*
me: deric ah! isit you put this coin inside the piano? no wonder i cannot play properly ah!
me: *picked it up and walk around with the brownish thing*
me: *i looked down and feel it and squish it softly and realized its a damn disgusting insect which is dead*
me: AHHHHHHHHHHH! EWW EWWW!! SHI CHONG CHONG AH! *i threw it away and it dropped on the floor*

its so DISGUSTING. Ugh. well. its dead and its dry. ;) dont you guys hate it when you do something stupid? i always. i mean why do i always have to stand in front of the supermarket counter and wait there like stupid after i paid the exact amount? same like in the canteen. the uncle(from the chinese stall) scolded me man! x( AIYAH! So paiseh! Lucky noone was in the canteen that time! Just waiting there only mah. i din noe mah.

oh yeap, my hair is turning to be as thick as a bush now xD i need a haircut. its like one side is thin and the other side, extremely thick !! Luckily, my dad agree to bring me to the salon this sunday. :) i want it to be saturday! *whines like a baby* i like sunday at least for now. cos its family day with my parents. :D my parents are beginning to understand me nowadays. my mother cried yesterday after watching a korean movie. SO nice meh?

long blog liao. x)
bah, till here then.

pics will be up tomoro okay. :)

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