Wednesday, November 21, 2007

boredom rantings

time is 02 13 AM. And lilian here, is blogging here. :D SOOO jobless tonite. no HBO movies which is such a dread. i do want to play sims2, but its so laggy cos of the comp here im using now which has less storage space. but its okay since i got something mainly sugar sugar rune! :DD Its gonna be shown everyday in TV. the episodes are so interesting now. hohohoho.

i think im gonna have eyebags now. slept at 4 30 am yesterday! URGHH! And yes, having piano remedial class EVERYDAY T.T wait, not everyday 4 days in a week. lucky that my piano exams are coming! i have this weird habit or ritual of going to the toilet to do some business when im starting to use the internet. but, its okay.

you knoe you can pronounce some words in my different spellings?
take example for chibai. which can also mean:
1] cheebye
2] cb
3] gbye (my auntie used that ^^)
4] cibai

i am so dirty minded but this is A FACT. but i promise, no more bad language here anymore. (only on certain times when life's going bad) but for now, my life's gooood.

POSER! I HATE YOU! GET A LIFE MAN! no respect for others.

magazines to keep me interested, for the time being -.- (thanks mum for those mags)

i need xtra money. seriously need extra duit. $_$ i need those $$$ to buy necklaces! Latest obsession now are necklaces. you can just match it with any thing. so cool. :) i sneak some keropok into my bag bfor piano lessons, that way, i can play my songs without any hunger pains. (the teacher's not in too)

i like my hair now. :DD cos its so soft and thin, and my fringe is so carefree(brand of a xxx aku sangat horny eh), really wah! Unlike the thick, unmanagable fringe last time. PRASAN EH! cant wait to go Jerudong Park on Saturday nite! Gona be lotsa pictures! WHEEE! With my cousins and all. im still a little girl at heart. :)

guess thats all. i blog to relieve boredom. its gonna be boring like someone's. but yeah, you can choose not to read and all.


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