Saturday, July 21, 2007

wow. this is so beautiful.

I AM SO in love. :)

okeh,starting out todaee. nothing much. school normal as usual. today no bad hair day! :D which makes me my lucky day no 2 next to Mon. :p but then Wed, the torture of all days. but hey, last wed, was quite good. i din have bad hair day and we hav assembly. hmm..i wonder. :)

ssss ttttt is so daymn funny. what else leh? i really love blogging but i js cant find out juicy i wish me mich and mar faster make a blog and get started! Mich will be the picture poster and i will be the writer cos i love to type without posting pics! i mean lik, they take like so damn long to upload. but yet, my blog looks kinda plain without pics. butt..i will upload like maybe next week! HAHA! MALAS! :p

tonite went to WYWY makan. i noe..theres an electronic shop called that too but there oso gt a restaurant called that too so dn ask too mucho ques. so many food in there lahs. gt rojak,lobster,ketam,and any food you can think of but no SQUASHED BUGS or FRIED INSECTS K. or FRIED COW DUNG or ABC cow dung. none of them k! none that relates with our personal hygiene or bugs or dirt! GAHH! Now im evn confused! Welll, actually i got some pics in the toilet which i was vain but then, i malas to upload. hehe. The toilet nice! *stares in amazement* really. soo then went home. todae din went mall! yea. quite sad too. quite happy too.

bleh. nw im so tired as its nearly 12. and i gotta sleep. oh yea. hav you hear of this game? its like you make a note. like got names la. take a pencil then slide the pencil and whichevr name ghost . bring it to ur world. BUT. you must bring it bck to their world or u will die or sumthing likdat. :S or. put three candles in front of ur mirror at night at bout 12am sharp. then say the dead person;s name three times. if a dog like howls at bout 12+ 1+am. you know what its trying to say.....BOO!!

WARNING//dn try this out. ok. im maybe js hallucinating.

niway, ciao pple!
ciao B's!
<3 color="#33ccff">"have you evr lik someone and sometimes when you think bout them, you smile like you nvr did. but when you think bout who they like and that person may not be you. how sad is that?"

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