Tuesday, July 24, 2007

totally stinkeii

HEYS! I SAID I WONT BLOG BUTT! I ignored my stupid blog post yesterday! i am sooo sorry i lied. hehs. esp when i hate liars and im one of them! How bad am i? tsk.tsk. tsk. its really funny to joke around with mich mar and not forgetting, mistuh bruce cheah! HAHA! Maria said Lilian's belt buckle solution was SO yesterday. :( im glad to see mr vinesh using it. haha! it different designs tho. i see he gained fatter. another brillilant(sp?) invention of mine. :D

well, im kinda scared bout the 'ghost' thingy. well, i better shut up so i wont get anymo curious. oh, during rk was kinda funny. cos me mich mar, we all wna see the name list that is like um..near his history txt book. for fun niah. but then Mr JY aka John Yong keep on saying "no no no" haiya! in the end, we still get to see. haha. i distracted him while maria get the documents. SPY stuffs. :) he's handwriting is pretty nice and neat. its SO much better than mine. honestly! Mine is like..um..better dun say it. haha. chicken writing with their feet. :p

oh hahah! during science, i was SOOO dirty minded. *evil grin* but it isnt very nice to say it out here tho. i mean cos its so private..haha! when i told shim he was like so shocked and blank, but when i told bruce he's like the normal guy type. saying "whatever". CMON BRUCEIAH! Could yu be lik less serious? -.- ook..if u wna noe what i said. i will js say. its common kan? RIGHT??

ok i told him.
me: what if sheili* came into ur hotel room wearing nothing cept a ribbon on her head? then she pushed you into the bed, grabbed your chest..or do you call them breasts?
bruce: oh sick
me: then she....
bruce: sick man
me: KILL YOU with a knife! muahaha!!
bruce: O.o
me: thn she use the knife to chop of your body..one by one and the dick oso!
bruce: yuck sick
me: and she took ur dick and tie it onto her cupboard and from now on she use it to do 'it' everyday!!
bruce: *annoyed and walked away*

*names protected to keep privacy

HAHA! Hey, if u really did that, there wont be S.P (sex pregnant). i mean like im so gross. sorry man!! really! heh! dont be gali by that conver. (A)

ohkae, after school was SO DAMN FUNNY! HAHAHA! Me and michee were walking around in school as usual then..as we were going to the front..we saw this car. inside this car got one chinese form 2 dude. in the front seat was this indian guy. then me and michee started this conver. it was hilarious okay!

mich: eh, you look at that driver..
me: *looks* hahaha!!
mich: his father ka?
me: haha! how can??
mich: his father!
me: so black then why that form 2 guy nt evn black? *no offense*
mich: cos sai tai yang mah (cos the sun make him black)
me: HAHAA! walk slowly! i wna see him!
me&mich: *walks slowly*

then suddenly this guy insde the car. theres 2 guys and one chinese boy inside the car. then this guy..nt the indian one suddenly rolled up the paper and then sing "ooooooo" HAHAHA! So daymn funny la! if ur there it wud be so bloodeh funny! then i saw my "indian" friend. lets js call him "joel". hes in form 1Y. haha! actually i saw him wedging his undies as it was stuck between his asshole so i told michee to see. then as we walk pass the car. it really smells. it smells stinkee. *so no offense* i mean like the whole place! oh man! we then burst into laughter! hehe!
well. i wna eat lunch. heck, its 2.46 nw and guess wad? i havent eaten lunch. wait. tea time. haha!

to mich and maria: cmon! lets faster create a bloggie! cant wait! ><
ciao brahs!!
tc pple!
*oh yea!!! hawaii pple say brahs! when i watched lilo and stitch..one guy was like, "surf's up brah!" HAHA! SO bye brahs! wow..its a long blog. :p

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