Tuesday, July 17, 2007

totally random

im so bored now and i needed to released this boredom so i blogged. i love blogging. :)
i daym enjoy reading other pple's blogs! So daym funny! I evn read their archives! They like can blog about some random things without making it boring. been reading some form4's blogs. nicee. :D

Hmm. i dont get it why sooo many pple hate ChoChang aka Katie Leung. I mean why? actually i got no comment about her either. :S im js confused.

school was daym funny! I laughed like hell again! HAHAH! Me, mar and mich were discussing bout the madagascar movie. if u watch, did you notice one part where evrything becomes slow motion? HAHA! DAMN FUNNY. But if you dont get me, nvm lar. MR SSSS TTTTT WAS SOOO FUNNY! Esp during recess! HAHAHA! He is so vain. :) as mich described lah. i din really see him being vain until the last part where he you know la, do the *im hot* pose. haha! not like the gun pointing! Get it? cross your fingers cept for the 2nd part. then point to anybody with both of your hands. thats the im hot or shud i say im cool pose. O.o dont blame me. IM BOREDDDD.

friendster;s killing me!! I really knot see my own horoscope now. so sad. im still so happy bout the guagua thing. sighhhh. like so happy! *shows teeth* his pm is like "killing someone blablabla" forget. -.-
his eng isnt that good. he din pronounce it properly. well, hes a taiwanese and a very VERY SHUAI SHUAI ONE! XDDDD

im really super bored. i gtg nw. sorry cant do anything special! :[
im un-creative in these stuffs. i bet yu dont laugh at my blog one. those who are reading. lol. im in love with one korean song. so NICEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

ok. situation 1.
if u evr heard this forget it. :x
girl : you look like you like me..
boy: .....
girl: hello..
boy : *ignores and walk away*

situation 2.
girl : *it feels like he likes me*
boy: *walks by*
boy: hi!
girl: *he does likes me*
boy : i kinda like your friend
girl : ....

get it? i dont too. xD
i got a new obsession. tofu. that is new. last month was icecream. i actually posted a nice long post bout that but then close the window. so sad. :(

niways, gtg.
enjoy reading brahs!

waiting for you to be there,
waiting for a smile
waiting for you.

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