Friday, July 20, 2007



i made another layout!! whee! isit call skin or layout? i duno man..but who cares! one thing tho! i can change the cursor! WHEE! But the scrollbar i dunno and i feel like killing this skin i mean, where are the bckgrounds for the navbar and stuffs? how to change ka!! KNS! So thats why its kinda plain .:(

sry if its too plain but im not an expert or sumthin, hell, i create a nice bckground for this stupid thang but there's no url for the bckground! ><'' GAHHH! And this stupid link transform, i cant evn make nicer ones! i mean only line-through? i dnwan! js see the pics lar. :( so sad. muahahaaaa! i dn need daym adobe photoshop elements nimor, i have darling adobe photoshop cs~ MUAHA!! Cos i have found some sexy patterns inside! :pp AND..i can make the pic smaller! whee! happy days are here again! this layout is bout princesssyy~haha. kinda girlish. actually i wna make it blue in colour but nvm la. jiang ma fan! who ask princesses to be so girly? lol. ey, go to my disclaimer and click the here! and dont click first. put ur cursor near it. there got write "byebye" HAHA! Im considerate enough to write that!

oh yea, i cant sign in fcuking msn!! Can yu guys sign in? cos this paloi msn troubleshoot troubleshoot until i knot tahan. i use old msn oso knot sign in!i hope its not because of my acc, if it is, im gna lose all my contacts! T.T i donn wannnn! maybe i no need play msn forevr. kinda boring. he. no expression and sometyms i chat with friends, i kinda yawn. i js appear off9. boring. rather play blogging. :p chat in school beder. Exams are coming! haiya!

oh yea, on thurs, funny! haha! during commerce i keep on telling bruce.
"you make my tears dissapear into gas"
"you make my heart melt into liquids"
HEY! Not mushyk, im praticing and studying science, kan?

i saw ali baba at school. dressed in shiny metallic green coats! haha! form 1 pple ba!

gtg nw, toodles!
i mean, ciao B's!
cb msn!! &*%^$$#**@

main colours of layout are: hotpink,black, grey. :)

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