Thursday, July 12, 2007

own blogskin//ver1 :) -Love eternityy


i made my own skin.:) its not very special js very very simple.
its about Love eternity/.
love lar. mostly . hehe. i know the pic is a bit too big but sorry yea. i oso din noe it would be that big. O.O

its not that hard to create your own lar but i think my own skin..looks copy. you noe lar, like copy copy but hey, credits are mine! MUAHAHAHA! Better than writing the designer's one and hey, my blog name is in the pic :)
btw, i created this skin umm..mostly the pics are from glitter graphics....and hmm..i hope to do a blogskin bout friends too! i can put pics of u guys! HAHA!

aniway, tell me whachu think bout the blogskin. if not nice..dont tell me! >< i dont wna noe! heh. oh..the title..the my pic too. i mean the pic i designed.
wheee. so this is ver one. i wonder if i shud continue using blogger skins cos they really have some really coolio skins! And way expert than mine. when i did this skin, HTML ERROR EVERYWHERE! GAHH! kinda hard. :/

BUT. On some circumstances, i will USE blogger skins. Thats when im tired of seeing my same old skins. WAHAHA!
actually, the text is big. the font. but i dont wan so small hard to see. heh.
tell me if anything is wrong with the skin. gladly to repair it. ^^
thats all for today. school okok. nowadays i din blog about school! Last year, my blog..wah-seh..all bout school.

ok la. short post bout school.
GAHH! Really nothing to post..evn if gt oso all about sicky stuffs! lol. Its always the usual! I miss last year's comp lab! So many memories and i rmb last year, someone fartedd, definetely not me..its a teacher. (A)
HAHAHA! I love last year! memories ;)

main colours of blog is light pink, silver/gray. :)

gtg nw!


OMG! I HEARD FROM MY MAMA my father's mother is coming..boohoohoo..i like the other one beder..she very laotu bad. :(

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