Monday, July 02, 2007


HAPPY 14th LILIAN!!♥♥♥

TODAY ISH the day i turn FOURTEEN. IM officially fourteen. HEE :)
Thanks to the pple who wished me happy bday yea. :)
niways, i wna tell u guys, i only got 1 L in my name! -.- my mum told me "eyh? gt two L one meh? aiyah, sorry. mistake"
My name is a MISTAKE. WHAHAHA!

niways, should we call miss fourteen:
Funky fourteen?
thats wut mich said. haha.
or hw about
GAH. I dno. u figure it out urself.

soo..i was reading someone's blog, of cors pple nt in my links one lar, so funny the blog! HAHAR! So meni funny pics! I enjoy reading other pple blogs. always an inspiration to me. but i dn copy lar. js see and visit and click therel. i hate rippers and copycats. i find them so lame.

um..guys, really can change bloggie name without evn making a new blog? COOOOOL! :DDD
but im nt gna change it cos the name is well, special.
im talking craps nw and hav nothing to do so blog is what i do.

oh, something funny happened in school during BM.
And im terribly(sp?) SOORRY MICHEE LOW JIA YEE. :)

so yea, i was hmm..mayb hyper and then i slapped mich's ass and she spitted out her water she was drinking frm the water bottle. SORRY MAN! Then she had to used her pe shirt to wipe it off from Rahsyidah's(sp?) table. Poor her. i mean Rahsyidah. HAHA.

im still happy about being fourteen. Feels so changing. get it?
niways, i wna play harvest moon for a while and will re-blog and post it up by dinner time. cos thats the time i get to see my bdae cake. :D

be back blogging sooon.
HARVEST MOON, here i come!

aaron chong likes someone in our class.
shim likes susan :p(nt sure)
and lastly, sorry. :) for the incident of the water spitting from the mouth.

you know, i was searching some old pics in recycle bin then i was restoring it yea, then suddenly JEREMY BALANG'S pic appeared. gali esh. xp


i slept the whole afternoon. x) I din evn play harvest moon. SO tired.
nothing much to say. boring post eyh?

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