Monday, July 16, 2007

miri x)

im bck from miri. sigh. my popo go bck liao. sibu popo lar! Actually, having her here wasnt that bad. only have to listen her say her "popo lingo" Like you must "listen" to ur mama. so tiring lar. HAIYO. But she bought me nice pants at mall. :) I lovee<33>HARRY POTTER too. haha! The one in swensens if u guys rmb. Soo..i have to send my popo balik, so we went miri lo.

daym tiring lar. i sat in the car nearly vomit. well, lets start with sunday morn. sunday morn go miri la. in about 11+ reach miri and go makan outside. restaurant. no aircond. so panas. CG! :DDD HAHA! I was eye-ing at him. :p Makan with so meni pple, my uncles, aunties and small cuzzys. Boring. ehehe. But i ate a lot! Wna eat lots since im so thin.:( Yum man, i drank bout 5 bowls of tofu soup! I LOVE TOFU! Ate two plates of rice and so much more but in the end, still thin. so sad.

so after makan, say bye to my popo and went to boulevard mall. with ahmong uncle and my family la. I waited like shyit for my dad inside the mall. i mean cos he go park car, then ask us to go inside and wait. and im the wait-er. get it? haha! I saw so many damn damn cgs! AHAAHHH! Evn angmo! I eye-d the angmo so long la! Got one angmo looks like Jake Ryan aka Princess Diana. oops. sorry. :)

Then go shopping and stuffs lar. So meni daym cgs lar. i wish brunei got too. -.-
At afternoon, 6++ go to taman there yu yong! :P swimming la! Not me, my bro! He kns one! I walk on the water he pushed me! I nearly fell man! So paiseh! At first, i tot swimming ppool..where there is half naked pple! AHAH! Hmm..u expect cgs but turn out kiddies! HAIYO! Some so funny, they weating those undies that are transparent and when wet, their asss could be seen. no offense la. So daym funny. Got some pics yea!

swimming kiddy one..saw that guy? no offense. // night view. cantik leh. my bro with a towel. :p

after swimming, went home and stuffs. gosh, i slept at about 12 sumthing and woke up at 7++. i can daym tahan lar. So tiring. nxt morning, went makan with miri popo<3 i love her! I evr told her my crush! Shes my grandmother! She understands me! We go makan dimsum with 2 of my bros nia. Mama went to bank. Ordered so meni! I told my grandma that i want to be fat! Heh. not fat, js fit. :) Nice the food at 2020. kueytiao oso nice. heh. After makan, we went to boulevard AGAIN. This time not much pple, but i saw the angmo agn! HAHA! It hink he tourist la. i wna play ddr but my damn bro wna play that stupid initial d. i lost so many times!

initial-ing with peace! :pp//the lift. glass lift. nice. :)

so meni pics!
niway, after shopping go bank for interest something for my acc. my popo do one! I love hr! :D Gt cgs outside the bank! GAHHH! In the bank, 2 of my bros are the most noisiest 'clients'. HAHAH. In car so funny. i started a funny conver with my popo.
its in chinese but i translate to eng.

me: popo, u and gong gong how long havent do 'that' ka?
popo: haiyo..why u ask this..
dex: long?
popo: ....
me: u see gong gong oso so lonely..everyday hug the bolster..
popo: HAHA!
dex: yalo..evryday hug
me: u oso..too lonely so must hug bolster..
popo: mei ban fa a..
me: so kelian
me: nice ka when u do 'that'?
popo: haiyoo..i must tell ur mama
me: so biasa we talk bout this la
dex: yalo! tai bu tong le!

HAHA! So damn funny for me! Dont ask me whats 'that'! U knew that oledi or whatevr u think it is. u think la. ur mind is urs. control it. miri so damn fun. with my popo. love her lots! I must bring her visit somewhere when i grow up! :)

on the way to bank, i dare to tek pics in front of my grandma:)// deric; me i edited it cos the original pic, i look bida! ahah!

"this is the way you jump while you sing man"
my bro showing his sexy jump while he sing my "gong gong" 's old songs. HHAAH! Respect man!

i guess thats all.
OH WAIT..on the way home. at e- mart. i saw a lonely dog under the car so i shout out from the window, "Doggy, u so kelian!" so loud lagi. then this guy about 20++ pass by and then looked at me, i was so damn paiseh! Then i put down my head and then looked up again and then he turn back again! HAHA! SO paiseh leh! Im proud of my mama. she asked my grandma to bring Suzy, the cat to see vet. she "Care" for it since her pet cat died in a car accident. she love cats. i see. :)
ok, gtg nw. kinda boring if too long. hope you enjoy evntho u dno who they are.
CIAO pple and brahs!

so many mirrors o.o
btw, 7 pics oso take bout and hour++ to upload. kns bloogger! HATE IT!

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