Friday, July 13, 2007


Do you know downloading damn adobe is so hard? i feel like crying now!! I got adobe photoshop elements 3.0 and there inside got beeeyoutiful patterns and guess what! I CANT ENTER IT! Cos i deleted it! Im so sakai!! WHYY?

adobe photoshop cs gt no nice patterns. cept for butterflies&stars. ):
and now im downloading another version long. 434 mb lei! HAIYOYO! sooo daym long..and my chocos dissapeared :( vanished. siao shi le!
andd i have to pretend to be rajin in front of my grandma! gosh do housework..laotu again..hmm..but maybe she got do intro product in HOTEL! :DDDD like last year! (if u guys read my las time archives in bout november..then u will rmb) WHEE! I hope! I love hotels! Not the room! gali esh..when the ghost of the hotel..BOO!
Exams are daym coming and im gna start revising after this week ends. :) i think. malay..gah! I wna get credit! Bronie bah! Gimme so low.nvm la. my mistake.

oh yea, i think to create ur own skin nt likdat lar..need adobe..daym! ><
and i dont evn hav and i canceled the download. lagging ba..:( guess..i will stick to cs. The skin i made is so stupid! ><'' I want to make a proper blogskin! I want adobe! i want so many stuffs! gahh....

&& my uncle oso coming..probly would bring his anak come too! GAH! Guess whos room are they using? MINE T.T and they gna invade my privacy and plus, i had to tore that orlando bloom pic of my study table cos later my popo see say i "hiao" KNS! Movie star nia mah! Why must she come ka? T.T And then need to tidy my cupboard again! I dont wan but i did it niway. my uncle so that one..puji own anak..last time say my mama dont cook nice foods for my popo! HOW JAHAT! My mum hav to work lei, mr uncle!

im not mad still normal. :)
i gtg!
YEA! Tomoro gt school!
ciao, dudes and BRAHS! HAHAHA!

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