Sunday, June 03, 2007

sports day xD


today, sports day. quite fun. had a lot of laughing about bandana guy, afro hair, Mrs Beena's cuzzies with Maria. too bad michee din come. but hey, shes coming back today. :) MR AJ GOT 2ND in the relay team. the teacher's one of cors. YEAH MAN! He rawks! :D

i malas to blog agn. nothing to blog. evn if gt sumthing funny to blog oso cant put the names. so sadd.


hmmm. i think dats all lah. hollis got last this year. :( im in hollis. but its okay, its not about winning, its about joining and playing. At least they got first in tug of war.

my brother likes Keira Knightly. He loves her legs. EEYER. Pirates of the caribbean 3 was nice. Too bad chow yun fatt died so fast. and i think he needs to trim his moustache. theyre too thick. and his nails need to be cut. theyre too long. lol. my comment nia.

gtg nw.
BYE. :)

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