Thursday, June 21, 2007

*sometimes the last person in earth you want to be with is the one person you cant live without *

my phone screen is not cracked animor, its FIXED. :DD
hmm. quite happy la. but..the border of the screen is black in colour and looks weird on my phone. but its okay.

i think im gna be sick. ive been coughing and coughing non-stop. Now i noe hw rach feels when she coughs non stop. so susah. and then i nose bleed agn. twice agn. so tired. stomach pain but still can tahan. Lucky not in skul man, imagine nose bleeding during assembly, si paiseh lo!

i got chocos too! :) nt sure what to write liao, mayb go do something else lik, cook meegoreng now. i disobey my mother. *evil laugh*

my tagboard is so empty. make it not empty can?:)

i hate pple in friendster writing lik these [ Thank$ f0r th3 AdD!! !ntRo mAh?! ] so lame man. dont you agree? i noe only bimbo headed pple does these but some bida one oso. EEYER. BU YAO SIU ZHI.

i need to study malay and maths now. isnt hard.
gtg nw,


im still obsessed with OB. :)

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