Saturday, June 09, 2007


*fashions come and go but style is forever* -From E news.

In the middle of reading someone's else blog..i missed a part where Orlando Bloom is waving! NOHHHH. T.T

I noe this sounds stupid but hey, who cares? This obsession has been like 1 week. A whole week. Usually within 3 or 4 days, my celebrity obsession will be over but Orlando Bloom is like so hard to forget! Im sticking to this one! :D


Well, today cleaning campaign. last day of skul. actually tomoro IS the last day of skul for me. Well, today, i din do anything at ALL. HAHA. That was fun. letting oder pple do our jobs is kinda fun. i like :D Me n mich being jobless! xD We went to the canteen and observed Desmond again. Oh man, he is like so nice to observe can? Hes Hollis too! Yeay hollis! We did usual stuffs, walk around the skul. observe pple.


Rmb the roof outside our class, F2Y? The ROOF. The roof, if you get wad i mean. The guys were cleaning the windows on the roof. YESSS...on the roof. am i right? is my sentence right? It was fun! I always wanted to do that. I asked Michee to join me but she kept on saying that shes fat..later she fall and stuffs. Soo..i went and stand on the roof. COOOOL. I like. But its kinda scary. I kept on thinking like..what if?

1] i slipped down and to NOT fall down, i use the um..anything thats on the roof to support me and i would shout 'help' and a cg would come and save me. (stupid -.-)
2] die. ( evn worse -.-. CHOY or CHOI!)


then the guys went and locked the window with me outside! Jahat man! I was freaked out when i kena locked out. Then me and mich locked haadi out. He was desperate to come in. die of sun tanning problem. CHOY/CHOI!!! Then, Mr Tiong could come in give him CPR. WHAHA! I could imagined it now! x) (hw bout OB?) NOOOHH~

*im being such a pervert..wooohooo*

i feel so sorry for orlando bloom. he wants to have kids and a partner but cant find one. OH, why cant he js be with Keira Knightley and tie the knot???

Michee is dirty minded!
me: orlando bloom wna hav kids and someone to share his life with..
mich: oo..if u wna have kids need to do THAT with someone..
me: *hits her* (i think..i don recall)

Mar told me that one guy in her tuition, an angmoh. Looks like OB! GAHHHH! *drools* but i prefer the real one! Copyrighted. Lol.

hmm. this blog is long with random stuffs. all bout OB. Obsessed bahhhh.
soo. tats all.
BYE :)


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