Friday, June 29, 2007

i din blog for sooo lonnng. so i decided to change my blogskin. every month i woll change one. heh. im bored with the other skin oledi. i get bored with skins very easily. dno why. this ksin is ok for me but the box is too small and its quite plain but i love the picture! So meanigful. :)

ohyeah, my brother's bday on 26th of june but we celebrated it yesterday. quite fun. the cake is nice! I malas to post up the pic. at first i tot it was my cake then turns out to be bro's cake. haha. so paiseh. we went to swensens makan later that.

hmmm. guess thats all. hmm..i wna go mall xD with friends lar. this tuesday then! heh!

nothing to blog liao.

Bruce is a molester! WAHAHA!

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