Monday, June 18, 2007

blogging lately seems boring. feel like cancelling my blog. sometimes some stuffs you cant say in blog or else pple will go like, "is tht me?". i feel really sad nowadays.

i dno why but i really wish my mum could care less about my exams and studies. look. i can try okay. now i have to do malay again, and in the holiday again. and do you know why some mother rotan children?

a) cos to discipline them
b) cos no sense to treat them good, they will nvr visit you when ure old

well, my mum believe both of them and I HATE IT! wtf? B is SO stupid. watch too many dramas liao isit? u treat me good and i will treat u GOOD. :) u treat me bad, i treat u bad. :) that goes to a certain person i really would like to say to.

im so stress. i would sumtimes think life would nt be stress if u think theres someone in the world whos more difficult then you but hey, i cant feel that. cos im embarassed of something i cant say it out. really. me in school is not necessary me being me. i cant be me all the time. at home, im alone. at school, i got friends. home seems so boring, 5 hours without parents. and when they come back, u expect them to say, "hello dear, how was your day?" NO. They say negative things. "Did you wash the vege?" "did you wash the clothes?" if no, then bad words come out from their mouth or the rotan in their hands. im already nearly 14. i feel so sad.
right now, i dont think anyone noes hw i feel. noone.

just noone. have you evr heard your parents said, "i regretted giving birth to you" well. that hurts a lot.

sigh. enough of that and to the happy moments. my dad went bck to sibu and my bro went bck to miri. im tired. i wana sleep.


i wna say how bad you are to you but then evrybody will say that to me bck. i wna noe how wrong you are. i wna say how wrong u are. u lied to me! u say u wouldnt but u did it! do you treat me as your friend? ure not my friend. one day, i will say it to you. sometimes, you js say something wrong to me. and i have to pretend like i didnt hear it. what? u think u so perfect right? welll, u are. and, dont be like "u believe me? if not, then fine" FINE THEN. now u ask me to yuen liang ni? go die la! and these is not to one pple, its to other pple.

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