Saturday, June 30, 2007


HEYS! :)
my report book nt bck yet unplaced. so sad yeah? :(
i dont think my dad evn bother to go take or he havent. i only know when the report book is bck, the mall thingo mayb cancelled. :(
butt..i hope my mum allow leh.

i go call her first. heh.
wait. :)


she only said, "ask yur father to pick you up".:) if knot, then mayb i hope michee can bring me go. isit alrite with you? then i can ask my mama come to skul, giv her the school bag and stuffs. see first la.:D

im happyyy.
i wna watch TRANSFORMERS but no time cos wna celebrate mah, hw can go there go there. nt enuff time lar.
Szekhai so funny. he say i pokai lor when i told him i go swensens branja all of them. HAHA!
Oi, go limit one. (: heh

visit my about me-theillusiongirl one. i updated it already. the old one dunned to read accept for the information about the blog. That one. MUST. But if read already, then no need.
i was visiting this designer's blog and her skin is so daym nice!! I really wna make my own skin. of cors must be nice. i noe hw to edit pics and stuffs but js dno hw to make a blogskin. i will try. i WILL! :O
i listen to songs in my phone. not IN the phone in the room but the songs are in the phone. get it? haha.
i like NAN QUAN MAMA! So super man! Their songs so nice. :)) Tank oso esp the feinimoshu. so nice the lyrics and the tune.

so hmm. cant wait for tues and mon. *hints* hope it will be a blast. if it sucks im maybe gona "chui" shim. the younger one! HAHA. JKJKJKJK LAAAA. NVR WILL. :D
so shim sho is safe.


its getting random by the minute.
some pix from adobe. im bored you see.:)

-ai bu wan mei ai you xiao rong ai you yen lei-

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