Wednesday, May 23, 2007

WELL. Today, exams are officially over! :DD
SO HAPPY! I started happy-ing SINCE yesterday liao lo!
Sooo. today, after rk test, the gang wna celebrate mar and jay's bday by giving them a suprise party, but it turns out like a not suprise party at all. Mucho obvious lei. We waited like soooo long then finally they cut the cake. While we're waiting for them we observe Desmond. HAHAH. It was reallllllyy funny to observe him. Mich said his voice lookk like Darren Chieng, my BESTFRIEND MAN! Desmond said "GAYYYYYY" Well, its funny for me. imagine darren chieng said that with the long tune. HAHA.

So like, after the gang cut the cake, its like they use their fingers to dip into the cake and then put some of them on Jaywen;s friend. Soon, it was more and more pple who did that to each other. i kinda saw Esther going back for some and then put it into her mouth and then LICK it and then take more again. Ok. For me its disgustang. I noe u guys dont hav sickness scared. I AM! O.O

after they're done with the cake, they all went home lei. Left me and mich alone. :) At that time, we followed Desmond around. We sit with him agn lei! HAAH. Then, me and mich, i mean me ate a lot, we had a food feast! I had a drink, something frm the canteen, and two SALSA KEROPOKS and an icecream cup! WAHH.. so nice the salsa one! I ate greedily that time. ICHIBANG LEI!

then i had a terrible stomachache. -.-''

but i manage to tahan. ;D HAHAH. Im so good in tahan-ing those stuffs. not. i went home and did do some business. HAHA. While me and mich were eating, we heard a song "look into this photograph, everytime it makes me laugh" HAHAHAHAHA! MARIA! Rmb that song? Yeap. its nickelback's photograph. The form 1 memories. CEWL. :)

oh yeaa, gt one gay guy. i asked him to if he wants the cake. lol. hey. im nt being mean. :)

dudes. i gtg nw.
Oh yea, pics! old one la. and onli two since blogger. -.- SHIT LAR.

lilian, mich, maria,vincent and lastly VINESH:), THE LENGZHAI LEH!
i will kill those who make fun of him, hes officially my friend!

i noe somone name michey..wan this pic..ey mich?
lilian, hanisah, jia, vineshy

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