Tuesday, May 22, 2007



my last post so moody. blame it on my inner me. sooo. got new skin. PROUD OF THIS SKIN. Actually, i wna find better skins at blogskins but ALL Doesnt suit me.so sadd. so i use this skin which i decided to used already for so loooong. I edit quite a lot. like the font size, colour links date..all by myself.:) WEEHHH! Proud of myself la. nt being highly showoff la.

nt exactly over just gt rk tomoro nia. :D
gna use comp and play games 24 hours straighttttttttt. until my eyes explode! BOOSH!
im gna fail BM. so sad. unplaced. lets skip this sad sad part and continue to the happy part.

I wna wish two someone[s] happy bday. :)



pictures cmin up. doodoo. this pics are actually quite a few weeks ago bfor exams. gna post up soonn.

so yeah. forgot to tell you guys sumthin! Me n mich enjoy observing kiddies! HAHAHAHAHH. They're so funny. they evn noe how to say "asshole" HAHA. its actually one form one guy who said that. OH YA ! Today, this form 1 indian dude. HAHAHAH. the one who look like vinesh.

it happen likdis while me n mich were about to go home.
theindian form 1 guy: HELLLO! *while smiling*
me: huh? HELLO! (IM SO NICE)
mich: you know him? HAHAHA
me: no. HAHAH
mich: then y u say hi neh?
me: he say hi to me so i say bck lo!

that guy is kinda funny. well, i made a new friend. :). he actually my bro's fren too. HAHA. My bro sed he likes to use his hankie to make a bra. SICCKKK. i prefer form 1R guy tho. HES CUTE.:D

ohya. i observe one form 1 guy who has the same phone as me. i keep on looking at him then he look at me. then we ddo the *what are you looking at* look. HAHAHA. SEE HOW LONG YOU CAN TAHAN. :p

hmm. quite long liao. dats all lar. pics up.
bye dudes and dudettes.
and for the last thang..TAG!

vincent said i look very paikiah there. HAHAHAH. offensive and nt really a good pic. but sumthin to laugh bout.:)
um. i gtg leh. AND DAMN blogger dun let me upload pics. tomoro pics will be up soon. meanwhile eat your heart out with this. muahaha.

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