Saturday, May 26, 2007

so today school, normal as usual. Did you see Bruce's hair today? SO STYLE DUDE! HAHAH. He was in such a jolly mood today. :) Since he;s usually emo or either PISSED. I sang a lot of songs for Bruce to hear today. Michee and Szekhai was listening to. But they got pissed. HAHAH. They said my singing is SOOO BAD.

hey, whats wrong with that? i can practice. Practice makes Perfect. :D .

Now im alone at home. blogging. And the girls are at Sabena's hse i guess. I wanted to go so BADLYYY. My mum go annual dinner. I guess im gona pig out later. :D

i gtg nw.


This is the gay dudes who are showing you how to do IT. Amin is at the bottom and Haadi is on top. WOOOSH. Get WHAT I MEAN? HAHAHAHA.


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