Thursday, May 31, 2007


Came bck frm piano class js now. and. something totally funny and kinda embarassing happened. KINDA NIA.

ERM. Went to restaurant makan as usual. then was makan-ing happily for an hour. then suddenly, the door opened then a cute guy came in. i was like *speechless* cos he was right in front of me mahh..ten i was sitting in that direction and looking really speechless. i mean i din open my mouth and like "GAHH URE HOT" like a crazy idiot. i was js eating and looking. SO DUMB.
well..then i kinda get my mee wrap around my straw..and how paiseh leh. the cg is talllll. nice hair tho. :)

cg: *walks in*
me: *look at the papa and then the mama and then the cg*
cg: *look then walk away*
me: *lilian...dont think so like somebody oledi..concentrate..focus*

and this conver started between my bro and my mum. i was js listening. :/
mum: eh, dex, u see that white shirt guy sitting there.
dex: i see liaw, why?
mum: handsome hor? *HANDSOME? HAHAHA..MA..U GOT GOOD TASTE LA..wonder why tey nvr say cute*
me: *trying not to laugh*
dex: emm....*hes a boy dude. how wud he noe if he is handsome*
mum: u see his father..tat means when hes young he looks like his son
dex: ya hor
mum: ur granpa oso
me: HAHAHAH*nt so loud la*
dex: hahah

my mum gt taste. haha.
the worst part was my mama said the sentence *the WHITE shirt guy is handsome.* so LOUD. GAHH. SO loud for what? I wan mian zhi oso leh.

my face was panas leh. doesnt mean man. i get anang like that when i see cgs one. haha. really cute one ofcors la.

hmm..tats all i guess.
rmb to tag! U spam oso nvm since i will still reply! :D
oh..happy 102 post bloggie!

ohhyea..form 1R guy ure hot!hes 163 cm! Same like me! WHAHAHA..i viewed his profile js nw! He cancelled his email. so sad. :(
oh. sum guys. if u wear business suits outfit. dont match with slippers. one father wore that and looks GAY. honestly! i tried nt to laugh. im being nice.:]

I DONT WANT TO A SOLDIER. DONT WANT. they will choose anyway.:(

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