Friday, May 25, 2007


ROOSTER&MONKEY match. only if its boy and girl. bt..
ROOSTER&MONKEY unmatch. only if its girl and girl.

HAHA. My daddy told me when i was fighting with my mum cos my mum's monkey.I found that info greattt. HAHA. SO that means anyone who is in 1992 matches you. haha.

WULIAO EH. Im bored ba. REALLI BORED. Online now and sad. :( haha.
im nt that sad. im normal la.

my parents go dinner. my father wear the pengiran style. EEE. The long sleeve shirt yellow in colour with corals patterns again! EEYER. So paiseh. lucky i din go. :DD

um. gtg nw.
tomoro school esh.


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