Thursday, September 21, 2006

todae was greeaaat~its fun,its enjoyable,its jz FUN~

ahahah~most of the pple in form 1y went to sab's hse. i mean most at least~skool todae was bad-bad-badddddddddddd~

for me larhs. n nw i cant go on9 cos of this stupid exams..ERGH!!Aniways, we went to sab;s hse larhs, fun mann~specially the part we play ddr(dancedancerevoulution) FUNN MAN!! Men mar played beginner..ahaha! Mar kept on winning but then its my turn to win!! There was this song that i challenged to michee in ddr~it was slw at first then baruu..go fast fast..ahaha..we were lik stomping like crazy idiots!! =ppp

HAHA! We watched this stupid crazy ghost movie ~eye10~ it was nt scary larhs, cept for sab, mar,mich n AHAHAAH!! VINCENT!! Hes a guy n hes scared..lols! BTW, guess wad i kept on doing? I took pics of the ghosts~AHAHA!! Gila liaw...its funn barhs..i evn gt the pics..but its on mar's camera~AIYOOHH!! Got one i took relli relli great..its where this female ghost suddenly appears..n ten her tongue stuck out n shes greenish!! I took that~but then this stupiak esther go delete it!! >.<"""" or else i shud haf posted sum pics~i gt sum pics but i will ask frm mar later so i can post it todae..i guess...ahaha..i kept on snapping pics of ghosts man..i gt habit of that..ahaha..i evn took one on the tree lerh! Expert me lehh..Nick kept on telling me to stop snapping pics..i tink hes scared...LOL..

ten halway the movie, rachel, my ex b*tch came~ahaha..she wana suprise sabena..laaa..

I love maria<3333333>
when we halfway playing ddr she told me..

michee: eh eh eh, this one ahhh.....good...for..forr..exercising paha..
lilian: yea..yea..i will be thinnner after tis..
michee: good for paha lehh..

ten halfway i playing the comp ten mar suddenly tok bout tis..their topic is evn funnier..

maria: eh!! This good for exercising paha lehh
michee: yalaa..good for paha..
maria: yea..paha good for paha..
michee: yea..mek paha thinner ehh..

N they kept on saying n saying..
LOL! For me funny laa..u shud haf been there laa. And and, sab is teaching michee to dance, a grooss dance laa~btw

i gtg. byess..
i will post photos lataa~~

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