Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sabena:Thankyou, Sabenaa!!
Rachel: ahaha! thanks. ^.~
michee: hehe. cos ure in la..ure not..n lici is sumone.=D
shinyi: ure welcome. jz link me later. =)

im sho happy todae well, at least in school. at home. i got a sasak stomachache. ARGH~fugget it-wheee~guess what? My papers came back n i was great-well the marks were great! =)

engelish(eng) = 49.5/60 =I
geography = 65.5/80 =DDD improve liaw.
history = 57.5/60 =DDDDD Thumbs up!
BM = 51/70 =DD great~
science = 51/80!! ahhhhh!!
maths = 28/50 ='( lame~

sigh. maths. worst subject.haha.byt at least my oder subs good marh. XD My mama heppi when she noe my science high, at least beder than the last time. 54. humph. ovr 100!!! =S Well, todae at skul was greaa----aaat..=) ~VulGaRiTiEs~ HAHA!! Try n say tat!! =pp Say it in a slang~im not being rasict okeh. im jz lovin it. Me n michee, mar begin singin indian songs..dono y..its kinda nice tho. =9 Pierre say ''vanakam'' that means hi in india..ehehe..Michee was great at moving her head lik the indians do..coolll michee!! She can be nearly indian liaw..haha..IM NOT RACIST..i repeat..i love other customs ok. LITTLE EINSTEINS!! We're going on a trip in a giant rocket ship~hehe!!

sillee~but the songs are kinda niceee..~.^ i cant find the perfect blogskin..haiyaaaaaa..sheesh me man. haha. i wana eat nw loo. so hungry..''.growll' my stomach got sound liawz..bahh

tekcrs evryone!!
byes brahs!

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