Monday, September 18, 2006

Chels: AHAHA!Watevr laa if u escape frm miss jane..u din evn bring bookiee! And-southwest prada...ahaha..that brand is cool..i bet banyak org buy wan..I BET U'D BE THE FIRST person to owe it!
Sabena: thankyou.i love my bloggie too..ahaha..jkjk..and btw..hi~


sigh.nowdays lik nothing to blog bout. =/ Oh yeaa..i went to miri. again. U'd think im leaving in miri man. But the advantage is..there's so manee cg ahaha..but i wont be stupid enuff to think he's cute or he cute or that guy cute cos he's the perfect one for me liawww~:) i love him.<3>

ure the perfect one.
evryday i dream of you hoping nt to be awake by this beautiful dream,
A heart that sleeps does not love. I will never sleep, every day I will think faithfully of you, sweet, simple one, from whom I hope for joy and comfort. I will not sleep until I am in your soft arms.
all i want to say is three simple words.
i love you.<3

sigh. crazy loo. pup-py.
skool todae was ookay laa. alwes the same days...sigh. michee wana go pierce anoder hole in her ear~I TELL YOU. I will nvr pierce man..the last experience was kinda pain...NVM..i will pierce..for my daleng bestfren..=) sheet man..i cant play the songs properly..mayb im not fit in playing piano..~SIGH~ farking cant stop thinkin bout him man.. i din bother to buy vg anee pressie..bsides..hes a guy..wad to get him? AHAHA!! I noe!! A mazda car brand but the prob is i cant afford it. lol.

i gtg nw.

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