Wednesday, September 13, 2006



Din blog tese few tired...n life is bad...=(
HAHA! Hes cute n michee tokin bout the ''triangle'' shape instead of the ''s'' shape if u noe wad i mean...heehees. Triangle shape is obviously for guys...duhh....O.O Thats for guys with packs...AHAHA! Guys will look nice in it..ohhhh..*drooll* HAHA! LIFE IS SHO BAD!

everybody's picking on me!!!!

i kena scolded by miss jane..lols.. bcos we din do our malay compo..olmost half of the frm 1y..evn the monitor did get scolded too! Im a monitress.ahaha..tcher havent turun pangkat for me lehh..=S AIYOHH..We kena denda by going into the class of 3G...we haf to sit dwn near the garbage..n guess who did? Me. HAHA! NOT FUNNY! Then mr jeremy get to go bck to class bcos he completed his work...n sab too..I DID TOO! But i dun dare to shw to miss jane..dono hw she will react after she saw my messy work..ugh. =p But then, we been sent to the her office..oh shoot! And we stayed n we stayed..until miss jane came...poor us...we kena marah..but aniways its our fault..lolz..i haf to get my parents signature...oh sheeshh.

Oh crap~i haf to sing tat guru oh guru song~ARHS! I mean lik we dun evn need to practicee...evrybody noes that song~cept me..i dunnoe the lyricss..ahaha..''O.o'' We sang lik for half an hour standing up singing the same same back hurts..n i dun feel lik paiseh lehh..i can tell the councillors i got voiceache...lolz! That was lame..i nearly fainted man...michee told me my face was pale...ohh shush...

1. i get to stand at the back..YAY ME!!Cos im tall.ahaha.
2.urmm...escape frm classes? WHEE! =D
3. hmm...dono.

1. TIRED....bckache prob.
2..ahhh...sing in frnt of evrybody..i gt stage fright~lolz

im out of words..urgh.
nt bad mood larh..jz sad-mad.
AHAHA!! TOMOLO VINCENT'S BDAY..ahaha..i bet he wans a lovely pressie..that is mazda! I will wish and blog tomoro loo..
tomoro gt P.E...hop things will be okeehh..and let the form one y win~ >.~

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