Friday, September 01, 2006

i din blog tese few days..its lik nothing to blog boring..=/ Whee..tokin on de phone wit michee was funn..haha..ok. lets stop here for a while . Me n michee gt a story..a REAL story that is interesting..for me yes-for yu-nahh..i guess.


Lici and the mosquito.

Good mornin ladies n gentlemen. i have a story to tell yoo.

Once upon a time, there is a girl name Lici*. One nite, she was sleeping soundly when a mosquito came flying frm her window.the mosquito thinks-''Hmm..she's too thin..i need a fat part..'' So the mosquito flew inside Lici's blanket. It wandered around and suddenly saw Lici's most beautiful part of all. =Her juicy, fat, meaty paha. =D The mosquito bit it and Lici's blood spurted ''SPLASH.SPRITZ'' And about 1/4 of the blood came out. Lici went to skool as usual. Her best fren,Million* took a look at her. ''OOI~~!! Hw cum ur paha becum thinner liaw?'' ''I dono oh. '' said Lici.
This is the end.
thankyou. pls comment in the tagbox if you think this story is great. or bad. dunt spam. Dont bitch too k. >=O
*-names changed to protect privacy.

HAHA!!! That was the greatest story of the year to me..LOLS!! Me n michee started this story..hehe. I lupps tat..hehee. SIGH~exam paper havent cum out sho scared of my science..i been studying lik for 2 months..if i fail tis im gona choke myself till dead man....aniways..michee and i is arranging to go mall on sat..mayb..i guess..i tink i cant go..but ten mayb yes..haha~! CHILL BABY, CHILL!! HAHAH! Rach, mich and sab thinks im xpert in making love quotes..hehe. >.~ I AM!!! HEHE!!

HEHE. whew. relax. man. hehe.
stop here nw. cos its lik my mind is *blank*. =.=''
hees. :)

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