Friday, September 08, 2006

i finally change new blogskin! =) Its been lik sho long. ehehe. I finally found the perfectoo skin.Its kinda dark but its simple n i lik it. I dun relli lik the place bout me n links n tagbox n stuffs. TOO SMALL!! =( But then, i get to put up a counter lo. Good enuff lo.

SCROLLDOWN THE BOX ON YUR RIGHT! ^^ there are links dwn there n archives.

dono y i put tat. case sum ppl can see oder things. SIGH~my comp results are BADBADBAD i usually get good marks for comp, ead happened to the super genius oh me? =/ HAHAH!! Half of the class failed, at least i didnt or my mama will scold me lik shyit n the comp will be locked up. >.<'' SIGH--i feel sho sad for my comp. i gt 36/60. SHO BADD!! The highest is lik 45.5. OKEH! U may think im stupid~but i studied for bout 1 mnth++ GRRRR!! Life ish unfair. i was sho sad N i did ='(. haha! I was SAD ohke? But ten Rach mek me happy agn when she say him. =) Yeps. Its 162<333333.>....thankyuuuu rachiiii<33333333 Sho happy! =DDD AHAHAS! WOW! Mrs Mangalam said my geo improved n shes proud of mee!! =) HAHAH! Its funny hw ppl alert us when tchers coming..haha! WHEEHEOOOOO~me, jay, michee n mar going mall along with my bro with his kiddiii frens. We're going seperate ways .-cut- FUNN! Wana watch snake on a plane. ^^

oh. igtg nw.
i wana sleep. so tired man.
lately i spent bout 2 hrs finding the ryt skin.ESH!

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