Sunday, September 10, 2006


Life is good, well, bad sumtimes. =(

Haf u haf this feeling that you think the whole world dusnt noe that ure alive?
Or ure losing evrything that u evr cared?

Okeh.lets go to the happy part! Todae, me, mich, mar n weeli went mall. We went to watch monster hse!! Nice!! N funny n interesting, that movie was sho nice, michee told me she dusnt lik the characters bcos of the look..AHA! Michee told me its jz a movie, so she wont get uptight bout it n b scared..but aniways..she was scared..that lameo, I NOE SHE CUDNT!! It was funny for me..ehehe.. nice..aha~the animation is goodd~>.~ hmm..ohya! I did a good deed...i helped michee find the veronicas cd..ahah!! My eyes are sharp...hehe. SIGH----poor weeli..the onli guy at mall..ahah! Nicee too~

i gtgnw.
its late.

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