Wednesday, September 27, 2006


woah.nw im blank.sigh,i cant farking go on9 nowdays...=(. STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY is all i do nowadays, my head burst later!! I dun wan my head to be lik Jeremaya's!!!Haf u see his head?WOAHH!!Like a big pineapple in frnt of the class, cept that pineapple tastes beder. lol. Soooooo, i can onli go on9 in the afternoon cos my mama nt here. GUYS!!!PLS GO ON9 in de afternoon baaaa...(includes rachel,michee,mar,sab n weeli n oders..) .I snooped to go on9 u noe!?!Im facing a big risk~ =pp Especially when my mama hid the mouse away..wahhhhh!!Two weeks without going on9, can die lehh!!!!

enuff with the comp thingy, im here to blog to the fullest!! =) Yea.. i din blogg yesterday!!SO MAD!!I gt blog one veri veri loong one, ten my dad cum bck so haf to delete it!!!SHEEEESSHH!!!! I feel sho hurt.i cant stand this feeling animor~i jz wana forget the whole thing, evrytime i see yu, u gave me a feeling, a sweet feeling which knot be given by oders, but i jz wana say..its so over.

ok.lets continue. i wana learn ddr man,its funn lehh~ohyaaa~i din say the story boouttt BINGSHU. Im sure all of yu knoe who bingshu is, dun u? ;) Me n mar was tokin bout this movie in channel 19,7-8pm, mon-fri daily.Nice lehh!!!!

me: do yu tink the business woman pretty?
mar: ok laa but i lik the model beder..
me: ok,,
me: do yu tink the business woman's husband cute?
mar: ya..okok laaa
me: ewww~!
mar: hes ok laa
me: hw bout the oder wan?
mar: who??u mean the feipo husband isit? HELL NO!!!he so ugly, i dun lik him..
me: hahaha..

nick n vincent enter the conver.

me: hw bout eric?
mar: eh..hes hawt lehh
me: no laa..i tink mr eric hawter..(lol!! nt true k-i was blurr)
me: hw bout bingshu???!!!!!
mar: WHO? oh oh oh!! BINGSHU!!!!
vin: bingshu?
me: hes a guy with yellow singlet n a towel ovr his shoulders!!
evryone: hahahahaha
nick: bingshu ur boyfren isitt??
me: NO!!!!
nick: aaaaaaahh~he is aaahh?
me: nonono
me: hes old, n hes in tv
nick: wutt??
me: hes in jail too!!
mar: YAYAYA!!!
mar NO.2 ysg!!!
me: he wer slippers!!!!!!
evryone: hhaaahahaha

ahh, for me nice, but for yu mayb not laa. oso gt one conver with sab n rach!! AHAHAHA.

me: women's job is to haf babies!!
mar: haha,..their job is to have rabiesss..
us: haha
mar: gt one movie i watch ten gt this woman go spray perfume ovr the roomm..n spread roses on the bed..(she do the action)
sab n rach:hahahaha
mar: yeaa
mar: gt one where they amput each oder gt sound..-woooooo-
me: HAHAHA!!They pratice qigong!!!!FU SI FU SI!!!
us: hahahaha

haha. so todae rk was fun too!! We gt do sum sort of, urm..i duno wut its call, oh charades!!is that hw u spell?sorry, my eng is bad, leave it to english.nerd(E.N) aka maria. HAHA!!Michee was scared teacher wud call her, so we practice first, gt one -do nt commit adultery-HAHA!!! U noe wut our symboLs were? IM nvr tellin man!!!

nw i gtg.
byes !!!

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