Thursday, August 17, 2006

Whee~~PE was so damn fun!! We got tug ofwar!!! The 1Y' s won!!!! Whee!!! =DDDDDD Hhaha..i pulled n kinda lose for the team..the big one paiseh......=/// HAHA!! But its okay marh..Michee was great..the last one..wheeeeee~ STUPIAK VINCENT GOH WON!!! thin oso can kongsikongsi him..hehe!! 1B cheat!!! HAHA!! We're so heppi =D . We haf to wash our feets cos we walk dirty..haha..wen we got to the toilet tere's oledi a big line there wiht smelly socks..okok EVERYONE'S SOCKS are smelly...ten we go buy 100 plus lorhs...NW comp was funnn...

cos of vincent goh!!! =D n low jia yee...wheee..n mr eric...HAHA!!! HAHA..I lose control on tat time..cos i pull jia's shirt she was lik "eh" ten i dunnoe y i suddenly sotsot n ten laugh lik hell,!!! Ten i hit jia's paha..n she was lik, "eeeeeeeeeeehhhh" TEN I BEGIN LAUGHING LIK SHYIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha...sue me ten...!! We hampir goin back to class marh...n ten wen i bend dwn to tie my laces, sumone farted..i tink it was MR ERIC!! Ten he go blamed it on n jia was like...

Vin: Smelly...u farted..

HEYY!! I hell did not fart..dun salah faham..ten mr eric said, "mayb it is lilian" SHHHESSH!!
Aniways, it was kinda fun..but it was so strong n gross...certainly a guy's one n tat is mr eric..hahah!!! HEHE!!

I tink tats all..haf to sleepp..whee.
BYES brah!!
Oh n jiayee wore benny's glasses ahaha!! HOT NEWS EVRYDAY!!

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