Tuesday, August 08, 2006


2dae's lik..lalala...so boreeeeeeeeeeinggggg....i gt like hell shooo manee things i haf to study!! ='(
I hateee freakerin MATHS!!!!!! It destroys everything. Exam is lk damn far oway and i haf to study...sumtimes i wish i can be mar or mich~skool was fineee...din gt scolded by anee tchers 2dae...i guess....XDDD..
Jem #o5 [`xo -#o27 ; Lilian , funny and very energetic.
Nice!!Mar did it!<3>

Haha. I got this habit of lookin at my solar that is found in the calculator..u get it?? Its lik a mirror..im not doing vaining okaesss....i look frm tere n check out wat evry1's doin..niceeeee...especially VINCENT GOH!!! MUAHAHAHAH!!!! I found out he was lookin at me fer 3 times!!!!! Ten i will turn back n reveal his secrett!! muahahahaha!!! NOW!!

This's months August ryt? GHOST FESTIVALLL!!!! 2dae was shooo scaryyy!! O.O whoooooo!! During RK marh, ten It suddenly rains...the rain was goin in..flyin in to our class...yeh! Ten michee say sum sort of supernatural stuffss.."If yu feel cold tat means the ghost is back to revenge..." LOL!! So stewwwpiddd ryt? But ten, it relly feel col..d...ten me n mar chattin bout Silent Hillll....ten suddenly it rains!!! So swarieee!!!!!>.<>

"GOH AH POH BACK!!!!!!!"
Vin: Ya! He come back to look for u!!
" GOH AH POH BACK!!1 He comin to look for us!!"
Vin: Haunt u larhh..he's at ur back nw..."

haha!! So stupid....but it was kinda fun nw...sleazeeeee...horny..........HAHA!! 2dae 1B class gt a fight..i dun think..i think amputing partaeee..aha!!! So boring....

'Niways, im hungry..and i haf to studiee...
so gtg nws.

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