Thursday, August 03, 2006


Sabena: Hiyaaa~finally, u guys bother to leave a message. >=D
Rachel: Hehe~u noe y i change blog ryt?!? Got shoo maneee bad bad things i wrote. Shhh!!
Michee: Thanx Mimi. <=)))

my last blog was freakerin small-i dun think u guys can see it 'niways. School was relli relli GREATT!! All thanks to Vincent and Mr Eric n Miss Tay. =D Haha. I have a feeling i hate girls who dusnt noe hw to respect oders. like the fcukin shyit girls. (u noe who u are) .

PE was fuuuunnn~ =DDDD We played something like carrying each oder while running. Mar chose me to be carried cos im lik so thin. )=S Hmph. Can't blame me. We tried n tried and we finally agreed on the body n leg stance. hehe. XD It was kinda fun but it was damn hard. Mar is like whoooooaaa~im glad i still survive!! eerrrr...Mar was off-balanced n so do Mich, it was wobbly n i wana ask them to jz put me dwn, its so wobblyyyyyyyyyy-and THUD! I landed on the veri veri beeyoootiful green grass. I think my butt still hurts.

Fun indeeeed~computer is evn morrr funnnnnnn~XDDDD All bcos of that Vincent Goh, Mr eric gif us this blablabla..sumthing with typing larhhh..and me and vg is like fighting like non-stop. he started it aniwaysss.hurt a lot larhhhh~There was this part where im gona laugh my head offf...

me: muahahahahahahahahahaha..(while putting my hands on my neck)
vincent: are you okayy?? Got asthma karh?
vincent: mr eric...u gt mobile phone?
mr eric: why?
sakai: go call ambulance!!
sakai: call bomba oso cann~!!!

STUPIIDDDD!!!!!!!!! Mana ada orang begini wanss?? IT was funn <=D. When we gt prob, we go call mr eric like so manyy special names we give him. =D Erica larhh, mr lim larhs, mrs lim larhs, eric larhs..wait..that is his name ain't it?? heeh. so funn. There was this part where i crawled on the floorr eric like..

mr eric: u noe wat is the most rudest thing a student can evr do? Its verii..veri..
me: childish?
mr eric: disrespectful and..
me: shoot! i say wrong.
mr eric: and...
me: childish....
mr eric: childish.
me: i noe it!!! Im ..urm..u noe the word use to say u can prosee the future..=D

funn~=) n ten me n mich begin to sing this funn......"oh shoot, oh shoot, oh shoot,oh shoot, oh shoot!!!" hahahahahaha~niceeee...i cant tahan man..i nearly gt asthma..gueessss watt?!? I think im infected by oh shoot. =D n rayray decide to like do euro kiss. i was the first who made it up! ;) Kiss sideways, left and ryt. =D Funnnn~

haha..veri loong liawwwwz..thanks V.g..ure so nicee=D

*JEREMAYA balanga THE KAYPO KING BIG MOUTH I HATE U. Ure the one who made me lose control . >.<"""""""""""""""" u suck. big time.*

gtg nws.

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