Friday, August 04, 2006


Chels: Thankx Ray~=D lurves u lot.
Maria: Thanks Mar, yeps, dun say bad things bout teachers, apa do public apology, i did write bad things, so change new blog larhs. =D


2dae was quite quite borrenggg larhs~gt xtra class =S.
Nothing special to do....tada~ladalalalalalada~Haha-Mar, Mich and me finally become a threesome like last time, so funn, i miss the old times nw we went back to the old times =DYeaaa--!!!! Dun evn noe y i blog.....Yesterday gt piano class, i wonder where's tat guitar guy liaw? Last time owes there, nw no mor. =( SIGH~
And after xtra class raining heavily..eeeee...wana walk home ten knot. Ten thunder strike, n Sab was like ahhh..ahhh...and went to hug esther. FUNNN~Sab was relli scared of thunder..hehe...

gtg nw.
Cos nothing to wryt.

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