Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I dunnoe why, i nvr wana do anythin i noe wats ryt animo cos watevr i did evryting will go wrong n im the one who owes mek ppl hurt . ARGH! Bfrens care bout each oder, teyre owes there to cheer yu up, there owes there for yu. but im not the one.


SIGH. Dunnoe y i rote tat, it meks me feel MUCH much beder. let me do my apologies here. =/

DONE. N im not mad. im nott. im frustated. arhs. wheee. okok. lets tok bout the good things. lalala. its bout RK!! =D i cheated in the quiz..i looked into my bible..HAHA!! N rach was like, "cheater" and vin too..eee..stupid vin so kepocias...!!!! Hha. Ten during science, amin dared me to lick page 139!!! That is kinda grrroossssss....haha. his page is wetttt...his so grosss....>=ppp
HAHA!! Me n ray2 were lookin at ysg all the time out the door, thre was his touching hair pose!!! AHHH!! Im gona kena infected by qi hao..!!! N ten his back pose!! wheeee~Vin is sho great. he can make me happy~=') AHHHHHHHHHHH~
Tank ya vin, my brah.
weird yea, brah is u noe the dudes call wans, its BRAH. B-R-A-H- O-K? haha. later ppl salah faham lah. n i did my best n forgot him!! =D its amazing. i DO not lik any1 nw..wheee...tats lik being free n breaking out of jail without being catch by police~HAHA!! comp was funni!!! Mr eric got torned shirt. STUPIAK Larh~! We asked him hw cum lik dat n he told us......

'' Ohhh~i come into ur class ten tis door kena my shirt."
"we dun believe tcher!!!
mar: CHER arh..........dun lie......

mar say tcher kena amput..i kena scolded by mr eric twice..eeyer.
1.cos i fling the paper and he asked me to shallow it.
instead i put it in my pocket. mr eric was like, "Why r u putting it in ur pocket? i was like,"i need it." ahahh.
2. Cos i play sound effects wit mar.
mr eric asked."Lilian, go stand near the door.''
Lilian: i wasnt!!
mr eric: i ask yu to stand outside u say u wasnt, ten who r u?" (he's not mad k"
Darren chieng: alien.
Stupid chieng!! Tats wat mr eric owes call him! CHIENG!! His glasses look lik ysg's fren!! HAHA!! Xcept it looks bedder on ysg's fren!! U noe wat he did during rk? Tcher asked us ques n he was putting up his hand.
"Shepherd" said chieng while shwing his bending back..
Stupid...onli tose who were in 1y noe larhs!!
GROSS! Ten, after skool, amin n haadi , well, amin did a gigolo dance..ahahahaha!!! So grossiessss.........!!! Ten i did tat too~haha.....IT WAS damn stupid!!! EEE!!! Whee~i guess tats all for bros n cuzins r havin a fight nw n my bro lose~=.=''
SO embarassing~

gtg nws.
Byes brahs!!! =D

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