Monday, August 07, 2006


Finally i can go on9..=/ My stupid telephone so lauya..blame it to my dada dun wan to buy new phone. haha. So many nice things i din tell=SSSSSSSSSS

haha. so i will start on saturdayy=D

wheeee~me, mich and mar haf study buddy 2gether..cos if get high mark can go mall we study after skool. But, then we wan to makan at kiulap tere so we walk tere larhs. Hhaha.. so damn funi! hehe. We walk halfway ten we turn back cos lik so farr~~~>.<""" Ten we went back to skool hall n listen to ppl play piano..nice music..=D. In library. HAHA!! Michee was like "Oh, i cant study.." So silleee...we were all bz studying cept for mich..she was lik reading story books..ten mar stopped her and say, "self controL, u gottta haf self-control" Hw funn~

Wheee~2DAE WAS SO DAMN DAMN N I MEAN DAMN FUNNYYYY!!!! First two period science, ten mr tiong..hahahaha!! He din zip his pants..jaywen saw it first..ewwwww.....n ten he keep walking around the class causing tem to be extremely PANICKAA!!!! so stupid. ten he come to my place n say..

"Why u din copy dwn and ryt the answers?"
(class laughing)
"u wan the whole class to laugh at u isit?"

Sheeessshhh~the whole class is looking at hiss..u noe..his..n he says..u wa the whole class to blabla?? stupid..=/..whoops..cant blog bout tchers.sry.sry.
HAHA!! Tat meks evry1 dayy...

i dun tink i can blog mor..=S..cos i cant rmb anythin..haha.. i wana watch cartoon nw..=////// hehe.

gtg nws.

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