Monday, August 28, 2006


sigh. exams. the worst disaster of my life. geo man. i suck in it n commerce..wad the hell so hard nehh? =// i wana get 70++ baru buleh beli new phone lah!! My older phone so sux man. Bida lagik. i dun evn noe my own phone nombor..haha~ tis days..oh ya; me n mich are lik so sasak lik to call each oder in the phone n ten singing khumar called and jiayee was damn scared..she was lik.. "lilian, is tat you? dun play arhh." HAHA!! Ten it was mr khumar who relli called..hehe..i bet noone noe who he is.

TAN~TAN~TAN~TAN..Ppl who rach n vincent loves da most.
Vincent~:> sully muntari.
rach~:> asamuo.

haha! im so bored nw n my mama told me not to use the internet bah nvm..who cares? Yesterday go huaho tere go check phones...=DDDDDDDDDDDDDD My mama go choose all the cheap one..i tink...she go choose the $319 ringgit...=? eeeeeyer...say can choose any but ten choose lauya least got camera tho. = I whee. i m bored nw..nothing to do i guess. soo i wan call michee agn..but i haf the feeling she on9...stoopig lahhrhh...= 3

bahrhs. byes2.
hehe. =)

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