Tuesday, August 15, 2006


todae was way greatt n sad for my frens..=S so confusing, but i tink i felt happy all de time cos its useless to be sad for sumone who dusnt appreciate yu..same lik..him. sigh.
okok.enuff wit the unhappy part..hahah!1 i told the whole class that i killed vincenzo.....HAHA!!! Stupid vg. chou ah beng. >_<" i tink i got tis habit of lookin at couples fighting... >=D muahahahaha. ray told me it was veri veri bad..so wad? Dun miss out the chance of watchin moovie fr percuma!! XD HAHAHA!! Me n vin no mor best frens..HE STUPIAK LARH~! We gt fight 2dae..it wasnt the bad fight it was the funnee fight!! wheee~sakai wana buy Jaslyn a *ring* . tat romantic devil larhs. i hate tat biatch evn the damn whole class hate tat person...cis tat person jz too bida n haf triple chin lagikk..>.<"""""""""""""""

TAT person juz hate me, so y dun tat person jz say it?? ISNT tat beder at least instead of scolding me??? GRRR tat person......>=( ERHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whee~during science, me n vin were throwing pens at each oder..sho funn!! He sho stupid. i took my pencil n broke it into half~n vin did it too..tat idiot...=.="
n we throw n throw n throw.....=X, ^^.

im nw listening to my granmama n my mama..tokin tokin all bout HEALTH.
GTG nws.
byes2. oh btw, happy adavanced bday to wongweeli evn if i dunnoe him tat well. =D

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