Friday, August 25, 2006


wheee.din blog much this days. *sigh* exams comin soon yea, so cant blog much..but who says yu cant blog wen mama is nt home? heheeee. michee n haadi are still shyshyshy !!! hehe~haf to study!! cos got new mobile phone..=DD my mama say if i get average 70++ i can buy new handphone..useful in kuching cos we goin on 4th sep 2006 ~wheeeeeeeeeeeee~so funn..i kinda confused apa suichaboo. Lately tese days kena veri veri stress..=/ cos of farking exams..apa co work balblabla..sho friggin annoying man.........i got so low cos my handwriting..haha..its is not bida, the teachers cant see bah..same meaning? lolz. vin din cheer me up, he sho stupid, hate him. >=( i kena veri veri cwazie nwadays..lik on thurs, i took the thumbtacks frm the board and go crazy n go chuchuk vg,rachel, n shieeli.......n michee..hahhhhhhhhh...i heard if chucuk fat ppl, the fat can burst..haha.lolz.

nowdaays nothing to blog liawz. cos vin veri boring lately. i dun evn haf time to read ppls bloggieee.......... i wan mobile phone..i wan nw packing my things..haha!!! i noe so stupid ryt...!!!

i gtg nws.
haf to study historyy..


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