Friday, August 11, 2006


haha! 2dae we gt xtra class..haha. lets stop here first k. I ate choco for breakfast..its bad..ten ray2 say its great..ten mich gives us energy boostt..LOL! xtra class olrites...N igt astro in my tv IN MY ROOMMYY!! =DDDDDD sho heppi..=D my dady treats me sho nice. Xtra class CEWL!! Fun larhs. Nt vincent goh..okok..half-half. During xtra class lik, we keep mekin noise..i been scolded sho many times by mrs mangalam =( . All Vincent goh's fault!! AHAHAHA!!!! Got one thing sho funny larhs.. Low jia yee a.k.a michee, put her feet to rest on vincent gohkahaw revolting!! =P HAHA!! She say she wana rest her feet cos sweaty..haha! i sud haf tek photo on tat one..miss..sigh...kelian..T.T haha. we oso tok bout gap..haha. i tok lik last nyt suddenly rains..haha!!!

Nikki, haadi, amin, n tayibia escape class wans...>.<""" haha. sho funnn!!!!!!!!!!! Im listening to korean songs nw!! haha...sho bored barh.....

bah. gtgs nw..
AHH!1 Forgot sum photos~
dun care. haha!!! Post 2molo larhs.
bye vincent.
bye jiajia.
sleep tight.
n gap too. =D

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