Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hellewss.... = D

im sho full. i ate one whole big plate of rice n chickies. =9. Yummee. isnt it weird yu haf to shopp for ur parents? Tey all go makan without me. haha. but its greatt..makes me feel grown up..=D ! Eee..where's the guitar guy? Nvr seen him oldi. mayb he quit..arh..who cares..he's not tat cute aniways.

COMP PERIOD IS SHO FUN, ESPECIALLY on thurs where we haf lab period.
Its owes vin, i dono y..its lik he's sho funny to be bullie who ask him to be so defenseless..HAHA!! We were create a castle..mine is damn cacat man!! esh. I tok to michee on the phone 4 sho long..sho funy its lik we jz chat and ten suddenly n ten gt sho manee things to tok bout..

i dun feel lik chatting to any ppl. i dun relli lik aniways so i put away.HAHA! why isnt mich so many things to tell her.
gtg nwww..
byes. stands for gohahpoh. =DDD

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