Monday, August 14, 2006

Hellews =).

whee...its quite a superst day 2dae..haha. VINCENTZO..i killed VINCENTZO!! Haha. i played this game n i kil.led him, was an old man wit beard tho. =DD WHEE!! Skool was gg---reatttt....superst gre--attt..Sab told i was dead and she dreamed i was dead...=/ oh puh-lease...=SSSS. Vin asked tcher hw we have HIV n AIDS. HAHA. He obviously wana haf that time he buleh balik geylang find hooker..super one..haha. Vincent goh ka haw sangat baikk...=') . he mek me heppi wen im sad...n i mek him heppi wen he's sad=D. Cos we're best frens..nuthing negative ten that n its not obvious..=/..whee..

i ownder wad happened at skooll. OYA!! BM PERIOD...that class =DD me, mich n mar..were doin sound effects...haha. ten mr bronie asked me to stand up cos i call him bronie..n ten HAHA!! He said i cud sit dwn if i ans one ques..

mr bronie: ok. kenapa kau mental?
mich: gila..say gila..
vin: blueee..
me: kerana saya...saya..BIRUUU!!! (BLUEEEEEE!!!!!)

HAHA!! Sho funnyy...ten we do the sound effects...thingy..we slapped each oder ten mich clapped larhs..lik the one in tv...=D ten we tried on mr bronie...=D

me: look mr bronie (while pointing to the board)
ten mr bronie turned n i slapped him..NT REAL!!!! =.="" ten mich do the sound lorhs..
I tot mr bronie wud be mad and say, " u tink its funyy??" but he laughed..good lorhs.
2DAE was GREEEATTT~!!! HAHA!!! Gt sho many funny things happen...ohmy goshygosh...i gt a new laugh.....its



gtg nws...bye!!!
gnite mich.
gap. =pppp

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