Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hellew!!! =DD

haha. anoder beeyootiful dayysss~ =D
thanks to Vincent gohkahaw! See vin? I put ur name here. =] haha. im lik chattin 2 ray2 nw. i rather appear off9. =/ haha. lemme tink wad happened 2dae. aha! im still usin my calcularo do to the spying thingy..stewpid vg noes wad im thinkin..haha. i got evry1 to do the trendd....tey all nw look into their calculators!!

OYA!!OYA!! LOOK INTO THE CALCULATOR SOLAR THINGY DURING EXAM..VERI VERI HELPFUL..COPY SUM ANSWERS =DDDD<3 HEHE!! I noe im jahat. mich teach me. yeaaa!!! =D I will not follow vin ti the canteen animo. he's so keippo. i juz bump to a guy. he's lik eh,eh,,shesh. =S but good lorh. dun wan him to wlak with me. later pple tot he's my ewww...he gt mazda sudah. haha. mmm....skool..comp period, the lastof all!! WAS GREAT! *MUaks!* Hha. it all started wen i say..

"Goh ah poh"
mreric: huh?
mreric: goh ah poh?
(whole class laughing....)
vin: teacher..she insulted my granpa..
mr eric: lilian, do yu haf a granpa..
vin: she insulted my granpa....=/

hahaha..all bcos of tat..but he oledi..ulp..u noe..sry..=S.
me n mich was lik chattin in the phone for whole 2 hours ..and gossiping gossiping n bowtuck..heha...n she told me i was funny...<3

gtg nws.
my eyes hurt. i need my sleep.

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