Wednesday, August 23, 2006


together since 23rd of august 2006.
haadi promised to nvr abandoned lowjiayee n love hr always.
together tey are in a relationship.

wheeee~its funn...cant blief i was the one who started it all. =D i asked taib whether haadi liks jia and he say yea. COOL!! Arh. finally jia haf a bf. im sho happy foe her. =') sobs.sobs.sobs. so kantung. ahaha.lolz. man. tat was a great celebration. im the cupid. n mar's the bestgirl. tayib's the cupid. n nick's the bestguy.ahahz. matching karh? PTUI~as if. WHEEEEE..IM sho happy for herrrrr..lalalalalal...sumone's jelous all along...its *s ..hehe..she keep lookin..obviously she's jelous i mean who wan her? Evn sumone say her face lik shit..Hhaahaha..SHES HALFMAN-HALF BEAST...mar made it up. sigh.,mich n mar goin to kuching. cool yea? hehe. onli form 1s haha. ok meh...2dae i saw sum guys frm soas..haha. mek me tink fo sakai's cuzzy.haha!!! lolz!!!!!!!! BLEHS. =pppp

weeeehhhhh......igtg nw.
dun wan to blog so much.haha.

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