Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My loved ones

These are the important people who play a part in my life..

Don't have to be human, they can also be animals, things and so on..but I currently don't have any.

My grandmother

My grandmother is my everything. She teaches me important things in life, teach me what is right and wrong and is there for me when I'm upset.

I couldn't ask for a better grandmother than her :D She also teaches me to dress nicer! HAHA! Don't think just coz she's old means she has no fashion sense at all! She's my hippie grandmama!

I love you, my miri popo!

My family (dad not in the picture)

My love. They are the ones that will be there for till the very end when nothing goes right.

My friends

Michee and Maria! :)

Before I met them, I don't believe in B.F.F (BEST FRIENDS FOREVER) But now, I do.

Best friends for almost 5 years now and still counting!! The ones who accepted me for who I really am. The ones that love me no matter how bad my past were. :)

Form 1! When we were young and immature...good times, good times.

My group of girlfriends

We have totally different personalities that complement one another well :)

We enjoy ourselves no matter how funny or dumb we look..

We have vain moments like almost EVERYDAY!

Jumping makes us feel more happier..once you jump, it's like all the sadness have been erased away from your mind for a few seconds...

It's worth it :)

Hugs are the epitome of our friendship!

I love you girls! The awesome-st girlfriends, ever.

My siblings

My two naughty irritating brothers yet, I love them.

My dearest cousin


The one who have to put with my constant annoyingness, my guinea pig!! HAHA! That is coz I usually test makeup and hairstyles on her.

My 4s2 2009 & 5s2 2010 gang

They made my high school times memorable :)

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